Term Life

Provides protection for a specific time period. Generally less expensive than cash value, term insurance is similar to renting a property rather than owning. You pay for it during the term of the policy (e.g. five, 10, 15 years, etc.) and when the term expires so does your policy (with no equity).

Term life insurance is the simplest and easiest policy for security in planning for the future and your family.

Whole Life

Whole life insurance provides permanent protection for your dependents while building a cash value account. With this type of insurance, the insurance company manages the policies various accounts.

Provides protection for your entire life at guaranteed level premiums.

Universal Life

A fairly new form of life insurance, universal life is a kind of permanent policy that features flexible premiums. With universal life, you are able to raise or lower the value of the policy, depending on the amount of the premium you want to pay.

Universal life insurance is a policy in which part of the premiums are used to buy life insurance and part are used to invest in the "cash value" portion of the policy.